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3 Things You Should Know Before Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is an exciting and challenging step that many Brits decide to take in their lifetime. Experiencing a new culture and planting roots in another place is both fascinating and scary and requires a lot of research beforehand. Whether you are moving across the Channel or thousands of miles away, everything you need to know is mostly the same.

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Here are three things you should know before moving abroad.

Understand visa requirements

As the UK is no longer part of the European Union, it makes international moves to Europe a little harder. There are many countries that make it easy for UK citizens to live there, whereas in others it may be a little harder. In order to live and work in another country, you’ll need to check their visa requirements. If you are under the age of 30, there are many countries that offer temporary visas such as a Working Holiday visa from New Zealand, Australia or Canada. Before committing to any international relocation services, check you are eligible for a visa and get the process started early on.

Create a budget

Moving abroad isn’t cheap. You’ll need to consider flights, visa costs, medical checks, international removals as well as living costs. Before you take the leap, make sure you have enough money in your savings as well as a safety net if anything goes wrong. Some people may opt to pack light to move abroad, whereas others will want to bring everything they own and will need to consider the cost of overseas relocation services.

Find a place to live

One of the most exciting aspects of moving abroad is choosing a place to call home. You may have already spent hours browsing neighbourhoods in your dream city as well as the right apartment or home to rent. If you are buying a home abroad, there is much more to consider, but renting is a good way to begin your move abroad and allows you a little more freedom once you get there. There may also be furnished rental options which means you don’t need international relocation services to take all of your furniture.


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