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5 Office Design Tips to Promote Productivity

Many businesses have started working back in the office full time, whereas others are making use of their home office design. Whether you are relocating offices or just want to build a more productive space, at home or at the office, there are many ways you can boost productivity through design. Keep on reading to learn how office design can maximise productivity.

Office interior

Use natural light

As much as possible, you should use natural light to brighten up the space. Whether that means just opening curtains or relocating to an office space that has more windows. Fluorescent or unnatural lighting can lead to headaches and make you or your employees feel distant from the outside world. Natural daylight can make you feel more awake and more able to get work done.

Avoid clutter

Clutter in and around your office doesn’t just look messy, but can also lead to reduced levels of productivity.Visibly cluttered work spaces can distract employees from their tasks and make them feel anxious or uncomfortable throughout the day. Do your best to create a space that is clutter-free, open and clean.

Use colour theory

Different colours can lead to different moods and therefore affect how productive people are in the office. Whether it is your own home office design or you are renovating your current office, consider what colours will work best. Some design professionals suggest using colours such as blue or green which can mimic the elements of outdoor space.

Use sound proofing

In noisy environments such as cities, the outside noise can lead to distraction and unproductivity. Rather than hearing sirens, loud road rage or even other people’s conversations. Why not invest in sound proofing materials. You could even invest in sound proof headphones for yourself.

Provide multiple work spaces

When designing an office, if you have the space for it, try to create multiple work areas that have different uses. A place to work on the computer, a place to have meetings and a place to relax is a great start. This allows employees to break up their day and feel less restricted going about their tasks.

Are you looking for help with your modern home office design or office relocation? Burton & Smith are here to help. We can offer furniture installation and much more. Get in touch today to learn more.

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