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5 Reasons to Use Our Relocation Project Management Services

Managing an office relocation can be a lengthy process, one that requires a lot of effort and careful planning. When organising this yourself, it can be all too easy to become overwhelmed and stressed with there being so many logistics to consider, and it’s easy for something to be missed on your radar - no matter how meticulous you may be.

Thankfully, we offer a relocation project management service here at Burton & Smith, meaning we can manage the entire process of your office move for you, taking the burden off your shoulders. Read on below to see five reasons why you could benefit from this service.

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1. Lets You Focus on Business

Whether you’re a business owner or you work in HR and admin, trying to plan the relocation of your entire office and all employees within it is, unsurprisingly, time consuming. As such, by focusing on this you will be distracted from your additional responsibilities and daily activities.

By allowing us to handle the organisational details on your behalf, you and any other employees that would otherwise be involved will be able to focus on business-related tasks and maintain productivity.

2. Experienced Movers

All of our staff are experienced and qualified, having undertaken many moves before. Being well-versed in office removals, we know what it takes to successfully plan and execute the relocation of commercial premises, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

3. All Angles Covered

We don’t do anything half-hearted here at Burton & Smith; our planning is extensive from start to finish. We will draw up a relocation risk assessment, taking into account everything that could potentially have an impact on the move from the weather to equipment failure.

We'll make sure that the right transportation is in place and there’ll be storage options available if needed. Our service even covers post-move support, which takes care of everything from furniture installations to the disposal of unwanted items.

4. Eliminates Stress

Organising any move is stressful, let alone that of an entire office. In letting us take care of your budgeting, managing costs, liaising with the necessary parties and every other aspect of your commercial move, you can go about your day to day activities unburdened by the stress of organising the relocation, whilst staying in the loop of what will happen.

5. Ensures Compliance

Thanks to our knowledge and expertise, we know the nitty gritty legal details relating to commercial moves, such as the taxable nature of relocation benefits. You can rest assured that all of your relocation expenses will be coded correctly to ensure you remain compliant with the necessary regulations.

So, there you have it - with minimal disruption to your business operations and a fully comprehensive management and removal service, what’s not to like? For your free consultation and quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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