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7 Reasons Why Location is Important When Moving Your Business

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

The location plays an important party in the success of a business. If you are planning to move your business, then it is crucial that you choose the right location. Choosing the wrong location can be expensive and can affect your business negatively. We give you seven reasons why you should pay importance to location when moving your business.

Importance of location

1. Real estate costs

The costs of real estate are significant. Choosing a very expensive location can affect your profitability. If you choose a low price location, it may not be attractive from the business point of view. You need to look for an area that is good but where real estate costs are reasonable.

2. Proximity to other businesses

Choosing the right location is important because you can benefit from the presence of other businesses. If other businesses are not your competitors, then their traffic can help boost your sales. At the same time, if there are too many competitors around, it can affect your business. So, choose the location keeping in mind the right kind of businesses at that place.

3. Demographics

The demographics or the type of people who live near the location is important. The demographics must match with that of your target audience. This ensures you can get customers from surrounding areas.

4. Recruitment and retention of talent

Finding the right talent for your business is a tough job. Once you have good people, retaining them is a challenge. If you move to the wrong location, your employees may find it difficult to travel and you could face the risk of people leaving. You should choose to move your business to a location that is easily accessible and near the city centre to help you attract talent and retain them.

5. Location regulations

Each area has different regulations governing business that includes taxes. You need to choose the location where the taxes and local rules are convenient for you.

6. Incentives offered

Some cities offer incentives to businesses to encourage them to relocate. These incentives in the form of lower taxes, grants, etc., can be attractive. This is something you need to consider while choosing the location.

7. Growth

You need to look for a location that helps you grow. If the location is not suitable, you may find it difficult to make your company grow. Choosing a central location or one that is fast growing will aid your growth story.

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