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Essential Tips For A Sustainable Office Relocation

Relocating your workplace can be a stressful experience, where this involves packing up everything you use to conduct business on a daily basis so you can set up afresh at a new location. Desks, chairs, computers and coffee machines all need to be removed and transported to your next set of premises, where this process has to be undertaken with care and attention to detail.


In the midst of moving stress, it can be easy to forget about the environment. But wherever possible, it is important to limit wastefulness and conserve resources in order to reduce the impact of your move, especially if your company is working towards sustainability and carbon reduction targets. Fortunately, there are numerous simple swaps that you can implement to make your office relocation a little bit greener.


Read on to find out more about how you can prioritise sustainability during your move.

Waste Management

In order to make your move sustainable, it is important that you have conscientious waste management solutions in place to reduce the quantity of rubbish that your company sends to landfill. When clearing out the office, try to continue good recycling habits, where you should check whether your local recycling centre can collect any unwanted electricals that aren’t coming with you to the new site.

Reduce Your Journeys

Moving the entire contents of your workplace in one trip can be tricky, but by planning ahead you can do what you can to keep the number of journeys you make to a minimum. This will help to reduce the carbon footprint of your company, where you may also wish to consider moving some lighter goods on foot if your new offices are nearby.

Sustainable Packaging

Packing is another aspect of moving that can have a detrimental impact on the environment, where it is important not to be wasteful when using tape, boxes and protective materials. You can also choose recyclable packaging such as brown paper as an alternative to bubble wrap and other plastics, helping to reduce the quantities of waste produced by the move.

Reuse Furnishings

It can be tempting to set up your new office with brand new furnishings, but this desire to throw out old stuff can be wasteful and environmentally harmful. If your current supplies and furnishings are in good condition, then consider carrying out repairs or a deep clean rather than chucking them away.

Burton & Smith: Office Removals & Clearance Solutions

At Burton & Smith, our team of professional movers is on hand to help you to pack up your office and begin afresh at your new site. We’re proud to offer a range of office clearance solutions that are designed to reduce waste whilst improving the efficiency of your move - get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help.

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