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How To Help Your Workforce To Settle Into A New Office

Relocating your workplace can benefit your business in a number of ways. You may be looking for more affordable premises or a bigger site to house your expanding workforce. Additionally, a strategic move could bring you closer to your customer base or open you up to a new set of clients as your business adapts to a changing market.


Sometimes however, this kind of relocation can be disruptive for your workforce, where employees get used to a certain set of surroundings over time. If you don’t account for this, then you may find yourself dealing with an unexpected dip in productivity, which can be difficult to handle alongside a costly relocation. To counteract this, it is important to be aware of how your workforce are feeling, where you should soothe their sense of upheaval wherever possible.


Read on to find out more about how you can help your workforce to settle into a new office location.

Introduce The Local Area

If your premises have moved to a new area, then it can be helpful to offer introductions to your staff so they can get to grips with a new part of town. Offer recommendations for nearby coffee shops and lunch options, where you could also provide local guides and clear directions to the new office to prevent staff getting lost in the initial days following the move.

Set Up Workspaces

It can be disruptive for employees if they turn up to the new office and their workspace isn’t quite ready for them. Try to ensure that computers are plugged in and office chairs are in place for when your staff arrive, where this can help everyone to settle in straight away.

Retain Familiar Features

Sometimes retaining a sense of continuity between your old and new office can help your team to settle in quicker. This might mean moving some of the old furniture to your new premises, where you can also transfer wall decor, soft furnishings and indoor plants to make your new site feel like home.

Expect A Slow Start

When relocating your workforce to new premises, it can be helpful to manage expectations in terms of productivity and output. Your team might take a couple of days to settle in and get established, where giving them some breathing room can allow everyone to find their feet in their own time.

Burton & Smith: Supporting Your Office Relocation

At Burton & Smith, we offer specialist office removal services to help make your workplace relocation as hassle free as possible. Our team can provide a range of efficient office clearance solutions, where we also assist with domestic and international moves. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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