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Reasons Why DIY Office Relocations Can Be Undesirable

An exciting process in the lifetime of your business can be moving to a brand new location. Whether better situated or a larger location, a new office can revolutionise your company’s attitude and success. The moving process, therefore, needs to be carefully planned and well-executed. In this article, we’ll cover some reasons why DIY office relocations might not be the best idea for your business, and what to do if this is the case.

Why Avoid DIY Office Relocations

While on the surface it might seem cheaper and more simple to relocate offices by yourself, unfortunately, it might not be quite that easy. From organisational issues to costly mistakes, you might find yourself in hot water early on into your move. In this section, you’ll find some clear and concrete reasons to avoid taking on an office move alone, where possible.

Time Saving

When it comes to relocating an office space, time is precious but easily spent. Even when moving home, the packing process can take large amounts of time and cause constant frustration. Imagine, then, being in charge of individually wrapping delicate technology and taping boxes. To save time and patience, hiring office relocation specialists can be incredibly beneficial.

Untrained Heavy Lifting

Did you know that there is a proper way to lift heavy objects? Many people remain uninformed about the dangers of improper lifting, which can cause danger to themselves and others around them. All heavy lifting should be done by bending the knees, to prevent strain on the back. Likewise, lifting should be done carefully, and no person should lift more than they can do so safely.


The reasons above are exactly why professionals are hired routinely. Trained in proper lifting, paid movers will move objects safely and conveniently, protecting your own back from any harm.

Lack of Planning

If you have never moved an office before, it can be difficult to realistically plan to move the necessary furniture. Office furniture can be heavy and unyielding, difficult for a person to move without further assistance. Planning is an essential part of getting ready to move, as it includes booking transport and deciding where furniture should belong. Poor planning can lead to the wrong hired transportation, excess furniture and a loss of funds.

Disruption to Work

When trying to deal with an office move alone or with a small group of people, it’s likely that the process will take you a while. If the moving process is done during the workday, this can delay your employees from getting back to work, having an impact on overall productivity and profits. Your staff might be required to work from home for long periods of time, which can introduce and maintain poor working habits.

Reduce Quality Finish

We’ve all bumped into walls and surfaces while moving heavy furniture or even dropped delicate items accidentally. This can be a particular bother when moving desks and office items, where dents and breakages suggest unprofessional practices in your workplace and a disregard for appearance. To protect your company belongings, and your reputation, it might not be best to move office items on your own.

Hiring The Experts

If you have been dissuaded from a do-it-yourself move, you might be wondering about the other options available to you. Luckily, there are plenty of corporate relocation services available, provided by specialist companies. Read on to find out what experienced professionals will do for you.

Their Services

Managing an office relocation can be incredibly time consuming and complex, particularly when there are several floors to be moved. Instead, a professional office removal business will take care of the entire process, from packing monitors to rebuilding desks. Each business will have its own set of services, so it’s important to make sure any potential company offers the steps you’re after.


A mark of truly professional business is whether they offer international moves on top of local services. This is a brilliant option for relocating your company elsewhere, as it opens a new market for potential sales.

The Benefits of Office Relocation Specialists

When it comes to relocating offices, experts are available for a very good reason. The range of benefits that come with hiring a business far outweigh any reasons for DIY relocations. With the time and money saved from relocation, profits can be retained alongside positive employee attitudes.


As mentioned, lifting improperly and above your capabilities can be damaging and dangerous for your body. Choosing an office relocation company instead can save you from harming yourself, as well as the general frustration of attempting to move heavy items.


With experience in removals, a specialist will have a better understanding of which items will and will not fit into your new location. As an extra step in the planning process, a removal company can help you plan for where different furniture should be placed in your new office, and which items ought to be stored or sold.

Choosing The Right Company

When it comes to picking the right movers to assist with managing an office relocation, there are several ways to sort the bad from the good. In this section, we’ll cover some helpful tips to assist you in finding the right business.


While reviews of past projects cannot provide an overall answer to the trustworthiness of a business, they are a very good place to start. Patterns are easy to spot in reviews and can indicate both green and red flags for the right business. For example, repeated references to slow service or clumsiness may suggest you ought to steer clear. By looking for positive reviews, you can spot the very best.


While many new businesses can provide quality services, it is more common to find high-quality removals performed by companies with lengthy experience. This is due to the process of trial and error, where experienced specialists are aware of the mistakes that can be made and therefore take preventative measures beforehand.


When choosing the right removal business for managing an office relocation, the quality of any communication between yourself and the company is an important indicator of trustworthiness.


Monitor the length of time it takes a business to respond to your queries, as slow response times can be a warning not to opt for their services. Likewise, pay attention to how the staff communicate with you. If you experience rude customer service, it is unlikely this will change when you hire the company. Instead, opt for a company that takes your concerns seriously for a professional service.


Not just any business should be moving your delicate equipment. When selecting a business for their office relocation services, research their licence, accreditations and certifications. This will give you a reliable sense of the trustworthiness of the business, as well as the standard of their work. Look for guarantees and insurance too, so you are protected in the event that anything goes wrong.


If you’re hiring a corporate relocation service to get assistance with moving heavy office furniture, it’s vital that the team you choose has the equipment to fully provide this. Many moving companies only have vehicles needed for domestic moves, so make sure you’re opting for a specialist before committing to their services.


If you get a bad feeling about a business, it can be worth trusting your gut. This is particularly true if the business is not being transparent about their prices and how they can help you. Just like with online dating, a non-committal response is rarely a good sign. Instead, opt for a company that gives clear answers and direct quotes to get the very best service.

Get In Touch

If you’re planning an office move and require specialist relocation project management, look no further than Burton & Smith for support. Since 1977, our experts have been helping companies relocate, taking the stress out of the experience. We can assist with furniture installation, taking the stress out of flat pack items, or easily removing any storage problems. Whether your company is moving locally or internationally, we can support you through every step of the way.


Visit our website to learn more about our services or get in touch with our friendly team for further support.

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