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The Benefits of Clearing Out Your Office Space

Updated: Jun 6

Let’s face it: no busy office space is ever going to be 100% clean and tidy. But if you feel as though the mounting clutter is impacting you and your employees negatively, it might be time to start thinking about a clearout. Whether you're preparing for a relocation or simply looking to improve your current workspace, office clearances can be beneficial for a number of reasons. As trusted office movers, we’re here to highlight the perks of giving your office a much needed clearout, and why you should work with an office waste removal service to dispose of your unwanted items responsibly.

Why Declutter Your Office?

Boosted Productivity

One of the most immediate benefits of clearing out your office is the boost in productivity and efficiency you’ll likely have. Cluttered spaces can be distracting and overwhelming for certain people, making it difficult for them to focus on their tasks. Decluttering will not only reduce the time spent searching for documents and supplies, but also work wonders for team morale. Remember: a tidy space creates a tidy mind!

Improved Health & Safety

Alongside improving their mental health, an office clearance can also positively impact your employees’ physical wellbeing, too. Maintaining a clutter-free office space is essential for safeguarding your team and adhering to health and safety regulations. Piles of paper, outdated equipment and unused furniture can all pose risks and potentially lead to accidents or injuries. Regular clearances therefore reduce these risks by removing ‘in the way’ items and keeping pathways throughout the office clear.

Feel like you’ve got a bunch of stuff that’s simply collecting dust too? Getting rid of old items can also reduce the amount of dust particles and allergens in the air, which is another great way to foster a healthier work environment. 

Better Utilisation of Space

Let’s face it: offices are often limited in size, and you may well not have the budget to relocate to a larger space. Because of this, finding ways to work with what you have is essential. Through a thorough office clearance, you can free up valuable square footage that can be repurposed for more productive means. Whether it’s creating more workstations, setting up collaborative areas or even a relaxation zone for your team, better space management can lead to a more functional environment. 

Stronger Professional Image

Every business owner knows just how much good first impressions matter. A cluttered, disorganised office can signify to your clients or stakeholders that your team is inefficient or lack professionalism. On the other hand, keeping things tidy and minimalist helps your workplace to reflect the high standards of your company. 

Tips for a Successful Office Clearance

Now that we know why you should be clearing out your office space, let’s move onto the how. If you’re not sure where to get started with an office clearance project, here are our top tips on making it a smooth process. 

Identify Areas That Need Work

Decluttering is certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ process, and the areas that require the most attention in your office won’t be the same as someone else’s. That’s why it’s important to identify the clutter hotspots in your workspace as the first step in effectively decluttering. 

Take a walk around your office and take note of areas where mess accumulates - be it the corner filled with unused office supplies, or the desk drowning in piles of paper. Once you’ve identified these problem areas, you can formulate a plan to tackle them. 

Categorise & Purge

The next stop in your office clearance journey is to categorise and purge your items. This means it’s time to take a hard look at what’s essential and what’s not. You’ll want to divide your items into four categories: keep, donate, recycle and throw away. This method allows you to consider the necessity of each item, helping you to make better decisions about what deserves space in your office. 

To give you some examples: those marketing materials from a few years ago? If they’re no longer relevant, it might be time to recycle them. Office furniture that isn’t being used but is still in good condition? Consider donating it. A stack of business cards that no longer reflect your branding? It’s time to decide whether they’re worth keeping or better off being discarded. 

Sort Paperwork

Managing paperwork is often one of the most daunting parts of working in an office setting, especially as most documents come in both paper and digital forms. As such, an organised filing system can help to make your office look tidy and save you time and stress when you need to locate specific documents.

Start by sorting your paperwork into categories like financial records, client files and internal documents. Then, label these categories clearly and store them using a logical system - be it in a filing cabinet or digitally. 

Get Rid of Outdated Tech

We all know that technology is constantly evolving, and your business should be keeping at pace. Outdated or underused tech equipment consumes valuable desk space, and could even represent workplace inefficiency, or even pose security risks. 

Carry out an inventory of your devices - computers, printers, scanners, phones, tablets and any other gear - and weigh up their current relevance and overall functionality. If you find they aren’t up to par, it’s time to upgrade. If they never get used, it’s time to get rid of them and free up some space. 

You have several options when it comes to disposing of outdated tech responsibly. Older devices in working condition can be donated to schools or charities; non-functional ones can be recycled through an e-waste programme. 

Use Storage Solutions

If, during the process of your office clearance, you find that there are some items you don’t necessarily need right now but might require later down the line, consider making use of storage solutions. Hiring a storage unit will allow you to stash items for safekeeping until you need them again. Reliable storage facilities will boast dry, robust facilities, as well as round-the-clock security and flexible contracts to make storing your items as straightforward as possible. 

Upgrade to a Bigger Space

Sometimes, no matter how much you declutter, you simply don’t have enough space to thrive in your current office space - especially if your business is growing rapidly. If you have the budget and feel that the time is right, it might be a good time to think about relocating to a larger office. While the prospect of a move can often be daunting, office removal services, like those offered by Burton & Smith, can help to streamline the process massively, making the process as hassle-free as possible for you and your team.

Home & Office Waste Removal Services

If you’re planning an office clearance project, or are moving to a new commercial property and have items you don’t want to take with you, make use of Burton & Smith’s office clearance services. Office waste removal will prevent you from having to take unwanted items with you, which can lead to extra stress or finding you don’t have space for everything.

Our team can help you clear items before you move, working to a tight timescale if needed. We are SafeContractor-accredited and even recycle any applicable items as part of our domestic and commercial clearances. With reasonable rates and over 45 years in the industry, work with Burton & Smith today for affordable and dependable home and office clearance solutions. Please get in touch for more information. 

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