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Unlocking Opportunities: London's Booming Office Market

London, the heartbeat of global business, is pulsating with renewed vitality as its office market experiences a remarkable resurgence. At Burton & Smith, we're thrilled to witness the city's dynamic landscape evolving, with businesses flourishing and iconic companies making strategic moves. Here's a glimpse into the exciting developments shaping London's business scene:

Commercial Offices In London
London Commercial Offices


M&G and Nomura Forge £200 Million Joint Venture

In a groundbreaking agreement, M&G and Nomura have joined forces in a £200 million joint venture for a prestigious London office. This strategic collaboration signifies a robust confidence in the city's economic potential and sets the tone for future investments.


Buckley Gray Yeoman Unveils Two London Office Retrofits

Architectural innovation takes centre stage as Buckley Gray Yeoman submits plans for two office retrofits in London. These transformations reflect a commitment to modernisation, creating workspaces that inspire creativity and productivity.


London's Business Boom: A 57% Surge in New Ventures

The city isn't just attracting established giants; it's also becoming a hotbed for entrepreneurial spirit. According to a BusinessFinancing report, London witnessed a staggering 57% rise in new businesses in 2023. The entrepreneurial wave is reshaping the commercial landscape, offering diverse opportunities for ambitious ventures.


Is London Calling Your Business? 


With the resurgence of London's office market and the influx of ambitious enterprises, the question arises: Is it time for your business to make a move or expand its footprint in the thriving city?


At Burton & Smith, we understand that a business move is no small feat. With over 45 years of expertise, we've been orchestrating seamless relocations, making the complex appear effortless. Whether you're eyeing a move down the road or across borders, our project managers are here to handle every detail, ensuring a swift transition with minimal disruption.


Our Comprehensive Services Include:

  • Business Relocation: From logistics to setup, we manage the entire process, guaranteeing a smooth transition for your business.


  • Domestic Relocation: Our specialists ensure the safety of your personal belongings, offering services like furniture assembly and household waste recycling.


  • Project Management: Our experienced project managers oversee every aspect of your move, ensuring a coordinated and efficient process.


  • IT Equipment and Furniture Move/Assemble: We handle the relocation and assembly of your IT equipment and furniture, ensuring a seamless transition to your new space.


  • Storage Services: Need a secure space for your belongings during the transition? Our storage services provide a reliable solution.


  • Commercial Clearances: Dispose of unwanted items responsibly with our commercial clearance services, ensuring a clutter-free and eco-friendly move.


Bottom Line:

With decades of experience, Burton & Smith is equipped to handle moves of all sizes, catering to your unique requirements. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction sets us apart.


Ready to Explore London's Opportunities?


Get in touch with our team today, and let us guide you through the possibilities that await your business in the thriving landscape of London. Whether you're considering a strategic relocation or expansion, Burton & Smith is your trusted partner for a seamless journey.

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