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Tips For Office Renovations

Whether you’re moving to an existing office and renovating it, or are renovating the building you are in, there is plenty to keep in mind while you are doing so. You want to make smart choices to ensure your renovation is well received by all, both practical and attractive.

Here are some of Burton & Smith’s top tips for office renovations.

Prioritise Employees Welfare

The biggest tip for office renovations is to think about the employees while renovating. Any decisions should keep them in mind, as they are the ones that are going to be using the space every day. For example, having edgy sofas and decorations that look nice but aren’t practical is not a good idea, as your employees won’t feel like they want to use this space.

Promote Your Brand

A key way to renovate your office is to promote your brand. This could be through a themed wall with your logo or company name, or picking furniture that fits in with your brand colour scheme. If you promote your office online through social media, having a fun aesthetic can do wonders for your engagement!

Make Choices That Increase Productivity

Offices are places of work, and that means when you’re renovating you should look into making choices that will increase productivity. This can include making sure there is a lot of natural lighting, choosing colours that inspire creativity and arranging furniture to promote teamwork and inclusivity.

Store Old Furniture For Future Renovations

While it might seem like you need to get rid of any old furniture that has no space in your new space, you should put it in storage instead. You never know, you might do another renovation down the line and want to bring this stuff back out!

If you need storage units in London, we have you covered! We can store your office furniture at our extensive warehousing facilities, where you’ll know your office supplies are safe with 24-hour video surveillance.

Office Removals & Storage With Burton & Smith

Here at Burton & Smith, we are experts in office moves and storage of items. When renovating an office, you’ll often find you might need to move furniture about a fair bit, whether this is just temporary or you need permanent storage solutions.

If you’re moving to a new premise, or just renovating your existing property, we can be on hand to help, with years of experience in corporate removals and storage. With an extensive fleet of vehicles and trained office movers on our books, you won’t have to worry about a thing when working with Burton & Smith.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help, get in touch today.

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