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What to Expect from a Commercial Removal Service

Office relocation is an essential step for many businesses. Whether you're downsizing, or expanding your organisation, moving offices can be an exciting venture. But, organising an office move can be stressful. There are many factors to consider to ensure a successful and smooth transition. Many business organisations decide to use a commercial removals service to help them with their relocation. Our article looks at the role of commercial movers in office relocation, and how they can help you with your moving process. To learn more about the benefits of hiring commercial movers, and what you can expect from this kind of service, keep on reading.

Managing An Office Relocation With A Moving Service

Commercial movers are moving companies that offer business and office removal services. Movers are usually well experienced and have all the necessary equipment or materials that you need to ensure a successful office move. Each moving company will offer you a different set of services, and some may include additional services such as packing or storage. Commercial movers can make a huge difference in the efficiency and safety of your commercial move, helping the entire process to run as smoothly as possible.

Benefits Of Using Office Relocation Specialists

Many companies require assistance from moving or removal services, and they can offer a multitude of benefits. Read below to understand some of the key benefits that an office relocation service can provide!

Minimise Stress

One of the key benefits that hiring a moving service can bring you is the reduced stress you have with regards to your move. Organising an office move isn't a simple task, and there can be a lot of steps involved, but hiring a professional relocation service can put your mind at ease. If you're trying to move with just your office staff, this can also put pressure on them, reducing their workflow and output. In order to take stress off yourself and your team, looking into reliable mover services can be a great option. Professional movers know how to handle office moves and will be well versed in the best office moving procedures.

Minimal Business Disruption & Downtime

It's no secret that relocating an office is going to take a toll on your office's output and workflow, especially if your team is unable to work from home. Organising your office move over a weekend can help slightly, but using a removal service can also quicken the process with minimal disruption to your business. They will work quickly and professionally, as opposed to your own team of staff having to move everything manually, resulting in a slower move and more business downtime.

Eliminating Risks

Some moving companies are able to help eliminate risks too. If a moving service has insurance policies or are able to ensure the safety of your items (with or without an additional fee), they can help you eliminate the risks associated with moving expensive and valuable items. Whether you're moving inventory or equipment, keeping your items safe during transit is crucial for setting up your new office and helping everything run as it should.

Professional Advice & Personalised Solutions

Another great benefit that comes with using a relocation service is the access to professional advice. A team of experienced movers will leave you with extensive knowledge at your disposal, and help you make effective decisions with regards to your move. Enlisting the advice and help of your movers may also lead you to find more personalised moving solutions. You can create a personalised service that accommodates your needs as much as possible, ensuring a safe and smooth office relocation.

Key Questions To Ask Your Commercial Movers

When it comes to choosing the right commercial moving service, there are many factors to consider. Some key things you may want to consider asking your moving service might include:


●     Do you offer insurance? If so, which kind?

●     Are there bespoke-insurance policy options for my individual needs?

●     Is there an appropriate discretion policy for transporting any company documentation?

●     What types of vehicles are used by the removal agency?

●     Will my items be safe and protected during transit?

●     Are there any rate deals or discount deals available?

●     What additional moving services are available for my office removal?


Choosing an experienced team of movers, and a reliable moving company will reassure you during your moving process. A team with high levels of expertise can make your move much less stressful and help you set up your new office with ease.

Commercial Moves: Moving Day

With all the stress of moving, when it comes down to moving day, you may be feeling a little anxious about what to expect from your movers and how the process will go. We've clearly outlined the steps that contribute to a successful move, so that you can be prepared for your moving team on the day.


●     Pre-Move Prep - Before your actual moving day, a lot of preparation will have gone into your office relocation. From boxing up your items and putting things in storage to wrapping items in bubble wrap and making inventory checklists, the most stressful part of moving can often be the preparation. Once you've checked everything off of your checklist, you'll be fully prepared for your moving day!

●     Coordinate With Your Movers - The next step once you're fully packed is to coordinate with your movers. Be sure to contact them with enough warning and time before your actual move date. You can clarify your moving date, and any other specific requirements you have for your moving day. You should arrange any parking that your movers need, and ensure there is an appropriate space for them to park so that you can load the moving vans with ease.

●     Final Walkthrough & Finalising - After you've loaded up the moving vans, you should take a final walkthrough in your old office, ensuring that you have everything you need and nothing has been left behind. Ensure that all your inventory is accounted for, and that your boxes have all been loaded into the van with care.

●     Transportation - Some companies will offer a GPS service during the actual transportation, so that you can monitor the progress of your move. You can stay in touch with your movers during transit, just in case there are any delays or issues that occur on the journey.

●     Unloading & Setting Up - Upon arrival, ensure that your movers are placing all your boxes and inventory in the right places. You can help and supervise, to ensure that everything is being unloaded as it should be. When unloading, it's essential to use your inventory checklists and cross-check consistently to keep a track of all your items. If you notice that anything is missing or any of your items are damaged, you should report these to your movers immediately. Once you're happy with the unloading process, and any items have been reported, you can start setting up!

●     Unpacking & Cleaning - Once all you've started setting up and completely unpacking, you can clean up your new office, return or dispose of any packing items, and start to enjoy your new office! If you do encounter any further issues, be sure to contact your moving team to see if they can resolve the issue. If your movers have done an excellent job, you can always take some time to leave some feedback or a review. 

Burton & Smith: International Removals, Office Waste Removal & More

When it comes to relocating your office, finding a reliable and experienced removals service is essential for ensuring success. Here at Burton & Smith, we are committed to making your commercial move as easy as possible. We've been delivering efficient and professional commercial moving services for over 45 years, making us leaders in the industry. Our decades of experience have allowed us the ability to handle moves of all sizes, and accommodate our clients to the best of our ability.


If you're looking for commercial office relocation specialists, or help with managing an office removal, look no further. Burton & Smith offer a wide selection of office relocation services to help you get set up in your new space. To learn more about our services, feel free to check out our website. Alternatively, contact our team today to learn more.

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